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Hundreds rally, raise awareness for Israeli and Palestinian victims of war

Crowds gather at events across Dallas in response to Israel-Hamas War
Crowds gather at events across Dallas in response to Israel-Hamas War 02:21

DALLAS ( - It's been almost a month since the terrorist group Hamas launched a full-scale attack on Israel on October 7 killing at least 1400 Israelis, triggering an all-out war between Israel and Hamas. On Sunday North Texans gathered at two separate events in Dallas to raise awareness about the ongoing war.

Hundreds of people from all walks of life gathered at Turtle Creek Park Sunday to call for a ceasefire and more humanitarian aid for Palestinians in Gaza.  

Since the October 7 attack, the Gaza Ministry of Health says at least 9,400 Palestinians including more than 3600 children have been killed in Gaza by Israeli airstrikes.  

"I think we need to be heard and I think our leaders need to take a stance and take action and listen to their people and we are saying that we need to save children, we need to save innocent people. This is genocide in front of our faces and we need to call it out," said Crystal, who protested at the event and declined to give her last name.

Yasmeen Azzam is Palestinian-American.

"It's different when it's your blood I've been there so many times, my family grew up there, my grandparents," said Azzam. " It's really hard to see it's actually your blood, it's actually my people."

She and her friends wanted to add their voice to the calls for a ceasefire and are critical of the United States' support of Israel. 

"When it's like our own country and government funding it and we can't do anything to stop it," said Azzam.  

Less than five miles away, community members assembled a dinner table outside of Dallas City Hall Sunday. The table was set for 241 people representing the Israeli hostages who were kidnapped by Hamas in the October 7 attack. There were even high chairs for the children who were taken. 

"We decided that Dallas had to have this kind of a table, just to raise awareness and maybe wake up the world to help us do something and help us bring those babies home," said Rachel Ben Yaish, one of the organizers of the event at City Hall.

Diana Krompass lives in Dallas but she says two of her relatives in Israel were kidnapped by Hamas on October 7.

"It's horrible its like a nightmare," said Krompass, holding two posters showing the names and faces of her loved ones. "Being here you cannot do much. The only thing we can do is this, scream, 'Bring them back home.'" 

Many North Texans say these events give them hope. 

"It feels good to come out and see how many people are there, it just feels purposeful," said Yasmine El-Ali, while protesting at Turtle Creek Park.

"We hope everybody comes home, we hope the soldiers come back. We don't like wars, we don't want to fight, we don't. We want peace," said Krompass.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott traveled to Israel on Thursday offering his support for the country amid the ongoing war. The US has called for a temporary pause in fighting but Israel has denied those requests.

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