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Jerry Jones' countersuit against woman who claims to be his daughter heads to jury trial

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones heads for jury trial in breach of contract countersuit
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones heads for jury trial in breach of contract countersuit 01:05

DALLAS — A lawsuit filed by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones against the woman who has claimed for years to be his daughter will go to trial in less than two weeks.

The legal battle between Jones and Alexandra Davis has been going on for years.

Alexandra Davis vs Jerry Jones

Alexandra Davis' original lawsuit claimed that Jones "pursued" her mother, who was also married at the time, after they met while she was working for American Airlines out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Their "Settlement Agreement" allegedly called for Jones to pay Cynthia Davis $375,000 and for Alexandra Davis to receive a "certain monthly, annual and special funding" from a trust until she was 21, as well as lump sum payments when she turned 24, 26 and 28.  

Alexandra Davis filed a paternity lawsuit in 2022, which eventually led to a judge's ruling in February in which Jones is required to take a paternity test. It was essentially put on hold after Jones filed an amended complaint in May.

In the 2022 lawsuit, Alexandra Davis sued Jones in Dallas County, and asked a judge to void a legal agreement she said her mother, Cynthia Davis, reached with Jones two years after she was born. The 1998 settlement allegedly said that Jones would support them financially as long as they didn't publicly say he was Alexandra Davis' father — something the married owner of the Cowboys denied.

Jones' lawyers labeled it a monetary extortion attempt.  

Alexandra Davis dropped that case later that year, saying she would instead seek to prove that Jones is her father. A judge later ordered Jones to take a paternity test to determine if he is the biological father.

In March, a federal judge dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed against Jones by Alexandra Davis in which she claimed Jones and his friends tried to paint her in the public eye as an "extortionist." The lawsuit sought a multimillion-dollar payout. The federal judge said Davis and her attorneys didn't prove Jones acted with malice.

Jones' countersuit

Most recently, Jones claims Alexandra Davis and her mother breached a settlement agreement executed nearly two years after Davis was born.

In the court filing, Jones claims he paid more than $3 million which included the lump sums and monthly payments, as well as parties, clothing, a Range Rover, education, international trips and apartment rent as part of the agreement. 

He is now seeking sanctions and attorney's fees. Jones claims Alexandra Davis' lawsuits and the disclosure of their agreement breached a contract. The original "Settlement Agreement" states in part:

"If Mother or Child, or any person on behalf of Child, brings or commences any kind of legal proceeding seeking to establish the paternity of Child . . . , Putative Father may, in his sole discretion, elect to terminate the Agreement and the Funding Trust and the Distribution Trust, or either of them, and enforce any and all remedies available to him at law or in equity. A breach of this provision shall be considered a breach of the entire Agreement."  

The Settlement Agreement also included confidentiality obligations in which neither party would disclose the facts and terms of the settlement. 

Court documents show Jones demanded a jury trial. The lawsuit is set for trial on July 22. 

A judge ruled that certain things may not be discussed during this trial, including:

  • reference to other alleged children, other alleged settlement agreements, or other alleged character evidence about Jones and his family
  • referring to the Settlement Agreement as the "Hush Money" Agreement  
  • monetary demands or alleged extortion attempts
  • alleged payments by Jones
  • alleged threat or desire to breach the contract

Jones and his wife, Gene, were married in 1963. They have three children who all have front-office roles with the Cowboys.  

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