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Judge tosses defamation suit against Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

Judge dismisses defamation lawsuit against Jerry Jones
Judge dismisses defamation lawsuit against Jerry Jones 00:31

DALLAS — A federal judge dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed against Jerry Jones by the woman who alleges the Cowboys owner is her biological father. 

The case is related to a separate paternity lawsuit from 27-year-old Alexandra Davis, in which Davis alleges Jones is her biological father. 

The defamation lawsuit filed by Davis claimed Jones and his friends tried to paint her in the public eye as an "extortionist." The lawsuit sought a multimillion-dollar payout.    

In the court documents submitted Wednesday, the federal judge says Davis and her attorneys didn't prove Jones acted with malice

The separate paternity lawsuit is still moving forward and a judge has ruled that Jones must submit to a paternity test.

In March 2022, Davis sued Jones in Dallas County, asking a judge to void a legal agreement she said her mother, Cynthia Davis, reached with Jones two years after she was born. The 1998 settlement allegedly said that Jones would support them financially as long as they didn't publicly say he was Alexandra's father — something the married owner of the Cowboys denied.

Davis dropped that case in April 2022, saying she would instead seek to prove that Jones is her father.

Jones and his wife, Gene, have been married since 1963. They have three children.

Davis' original lawsuit claimed that Jones "pursued" Cynthia Davis, who was also married at the time, after they met when she worked for American Airlines out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Their settlement allegedly called for Jones to pay Cynthia Davis $375,000 and for Alexandra Davis to receive a "certain monthly, annual and special funding" from a trust until she was 21, as well as lump sum payments when she turned 24, 26 and 28.

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