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Icy conditions persist on some roads and bridges through tomorrow morning

The refreeze is real Friday morning
The refreeze is real Friday morning 02:03

Good morning, all! Here's what we're tracking:

ALERTS: Icy conditions on some roads and bridges today and again tonight/Saturday morning.

WATCHING: Tracking rain showers next week.

  • We've seen icy spots and black ice on several roads, bridges and overpasses this morning. (We even had freezing fog in a few areas.)
  • Sunny skies and warmer temperatures should help out with the melting process significantly today. Highs in the mid 40s.
  • Shady areas, locations with a lot of trees around won't see a good deal of melting though.  And any left on the ground tonight will refreeze. Temps in the 20s overnight.
  • Black ice and freezing fog will be a concern Saturday morning. High temperatures will rise into the mid 50s.  We'll see clouds and sunshine.
  • Sunny & 60s on Sunday.
  • More rain next week.

It was an icy mess across North Texas this morning with black ice on roads, bridges and overpasses, along with some areas of freezing fog.


As we continue moving through the day, we'll see plenty of sunshine and our temperatures will warm up into the mid 40s by afternoon. The warmer temperatures and the sunshine will help with the melting process significantly. Thank goodness!  


However, locations that have plenty of trees and other shady areas will not see a good deal of melting since the sunshine will be blocked a bit. So, we'll need to take it slow and use caution, especially on secondary and neighborhood roads along with sidewalks and decks/patios.  


Tonight, any moisture still on the ground or any surface will refreeze again as our temperatures dip to around 29 degrees by early Saturday morning.


We'll likely have black ice and freezing fog again Saturday morning. Otherwise, we'll see mostly cloudy skies become partly cloudy. Some mist is possible. High temperatures will rise into the mid 50s.


On Sunday, we'll see mostly sunny skies with highs in the lower 60s.


  Even warmer weather is expected Monday. Highs will be in the mid 60s.


Then, wet weather returns to North Texas Tuesday and Wednesday. But this time, we're talking about good ol' fashion Texas rain. 


A couple of isolated storms are possible Tuesday. 


Highs will be in the 50s and 60s Tuesday and Wednesday.

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