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Fort Worth buys land known as migratory bird habitat as part of conservation effort

FORT WORTH ( — A part of east Fort Worth that several migratory birds call home has been acquired by the city as part of its conservation efforts.

The city announced on Feb. 27 that it has purchased 2.8 acres of undeveloped land as part of its Open Space Conservation Program. The area, which is between Rosehill Dr. and Mims St. in the Handley neighborhood, will be conserved as "green space" and kept in its natural condition.

Fort Worth bought the property from owner Antoun J. Elandary, he expressed his preference that the site be conserved for future generations, for $400,000. An additional $50,000 has been set aside for one-time projects like signage and trails. The Parks and Recreation Department estimates maintenance will cost about $3,407 per year.

The space was chosen for conservation by the city's Open Space Working Group, which identified it as a significant habitat for migratory birds. Their assessment was made from previously available data as well as site visits by city staff and Fort Worth Audubon Society members.

The area is also a high priority for preservation for its effect on the local community. In addition to conserving a valuable ecosystem, the Working Group determined it would have positive impacts on community health, recreation, and access to open space.


The city is now working with the Fort Worth Audubon Society to build a "bird blind" on the property. The structure will allow visitors to conceal themselves while watching, photographing, and videotaping birds and other wildlife. 

Audubon members will also lead educational walks on the site to help teach visitors about its significance.

More information about Fort Worth's Open Space Conservation Program is available online.

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