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Gordon Sondland


Trump removes 2 impeachment witnesses

Two key witnesses in the impeachment inquiry were removed from their posts Friday. Gordon Sondland, the U.S. Ambassador to the European Union who testified during the House impeachment investigation, is out of a job, according to his attorney. Sondland's exit comes the same day Alexander Vindman, a National Security Council official who also testified, was also ousted from his job. CBS News' Paula Reid and Jeff Mason of Reuters join CBSN to discuss the day's events.


Hill: "Burisma was code for the Bidens"

National Security Council expert Fiona Hill testified Thursday that Ambassador Gordon Sondland's reference to an investigation into Burisma, the gas company Hunter Biden once sat on the board of, clearly meant an investigation into the Bidens. Hill said Sondland told her there was a deal in the works for a meeting between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky that was contingent on a Ukrainian investigation into Burisma. "I cut it off immediately there," Hill testified. "Becuase at this point, having heard Mr. Giuliani over and over again on the television, and all of the issues that he was asserting, at this point it was clear that Burisma was code for the Bidens."


Hill: Sondland ran "domestic political errand"

National Security Council expert Fiona Hill explained during her testimony Thursday that she became frustrated with Ambassador Gordon Sondland because he did not communicate with her or her State Department colleagues about what he was pursuing in Ukraine. Hill said she now understands that Sondland was carrying out a "domestic political errand" at President Trump's orders. "What I was angry about was that he wasn't coordinating with us," Hill said. "Now, I've actually realized, having listened to his deposition, that... he wasn't coordinating with us because we weren't doing the same thing that he was doing."


Holmes: Trump asked about "investigation"

David Holmes, a U.S. State Department official in Ukraine, described during his testimony on Thursday the call he overheard between Ambassador Gordon Sondland and President Trump. According to Holmes, he sat "directly across" from Sondland during the call, and "the president's voice was loud and recognizable." Holmes said he heard Mr. Trump ask Sondland if the Ukrainian president "was gonna do the investigation?" to which he says Sondland responded: "He's gonna do it."


2 key witnesses to testify in public hearings

New revelations are expected in Thursday’s impeachment testimonies, after Gordon Sondland, President Trump's hand-picked EU ambassador, said there was a quid pro quo with Ukraine. But Trump and other members of the administration are strongly disputing his account. Former National Security Council official Fiona Hill and State Department employee David Holmes, who overheard Sondland speaking to the president about Ukraine, will testify Thursday. Nancy Cordes reports.

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