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Call Kurtis: Sears Won't Install My Dishwasher Properly

MANTECA (CBS13) -- After 14 months waiting, Eddie Brayman wanted what he paid for.

After a dozen visits from Sears repairmen and technicians -- his $750 dishwasher he bought in December 2011 still sat uninstalled.

"When you open the door," said Brayman, pulling the handle of the dishwasher, "it'll pulls out like that."

He said Sears admitted it never attached the unit to his cabinets, keeping him from opening the door without pulling the whole dishwasher out -- which also tips the unit over, sending dishes crashing to the floor.

Brayman said he's become used to washing dishes by hand -- all because his dishwasher was never installed right!

It needs to be properly mounted, but six Sears case managers haven't been able to solve his problem, he said.

"I want a dishwasher I can use," he said. "I purchased a brand new dishwasher thinking it would work."

The BBB's Gary Almond said Sears owes eddie a proper installation within a matter of weeks -- not the 14 months he's waited.

"When you're not responsible to your customers, your customers lose faith in you and they stop buying," he said.

"This is not rocket science," Brayman said. "Just attach my dishwasher."

We contacted Sears which couldn't explain what went wrong in Brayman's case, but told us "Sears is prepared to have a new dishwasher delivered and installed."

A few days later, Brayman got that new dishwasher properly installed -- but it's too late to save him as a customer, according to Brayman.

"I would never ever buy a Sears appliance no matter what they did," he said. "I wouldn't walk into their store."

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