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Blind Sonora Real-Estate Agent Sells Homes Sight Unseen

SONORA (CBS13) — A blind real-estate agent in Sonora is surprising his clients with his unique ability to see things that aren't so clear.

Tim Moyle recently became a real estate salesperson, but he's not your typical agent. He sells homes sight unseen.

He loves showing properties. He says he focuses on light and views, but those are sights he can't even see.

"It's like looking through scotch tape," he said.

Tim is visually impaired. But he doesn't consider that a roadblock to his real-estate career. He makes sure he scopes out a home with an associate before bringing a client.

But his new career path hasn't been an easy one. One broker wouldn't hire him, not believing he could accomplish the necessary work.

His current boss says Tim knows a lot of people and knew he would do well.

Tim's embarked on this new career in spite of the obstacles -- like a recent porch he wasn't familiar with.

"I walked right and I stepped down three flights I was like whoa," he said.

Even then, he kept his sense of humor.

"I said that first step will kill you," he said.

While his peers and clients are amazed at his abilities, Tim takes it all in stride.

Tim says his goal is to become rookie of the year with the most listings. His boss says he wouldn't bet against him.

Tim hasn't sold any homes yet, but in just one month on the job, he's had numerous showings.

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