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You Need To Eat This: New Discoveries

This weekend my dreams came true -- er, my food dreams.

I found myself in a room filled with tables of delicious food and it was free and I could eat as much as I wanted (or at least as much as was socially acceptable).

I was lucky enough to have a friend invite me along to the Farm to Table food tasting at the convention center Friday.

It featured a small group of local food/drink vendors and restaurants and I got to try some new things.

There were so many delicious treats, but here are a few of my favorite things from the event/ places I need to go try soon:

Sugar Social: They had some delicious cupcakes, including flavors like key lime pie, champagne and cookies and cream. However, my favorite item was a creamcicle rice crispy treat. I'm usually a rice crispy treat purist, but this one was lightly flavored and oh so crispy.

Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea Company: Upon recommendation, I tried a tiny latte from this booth and boy was it tasty. I got the "lumberjack latte" which had just a touch of maple syrup – enough to give it a little zest, but didn't make you feel like you were drinking a stack of pancakes. Wait, can we actually make this possible?!

(Photo Credit: Sarah Kovash)

E Squared: I've heard lots of good things about this Highland Park restaurant and based on the bites they had available Friday, I would find it hard to believe a meal there would be anything less than amazing. They had a variety of cured meats, pickled veggies, fresh cheeses and bread (and an insane fig jam) – all of which were outstanding, fresh and clearly made with care. Whenever I make it over to the restaurant for a meal, I hope to try the grilled prosciutto and gemelli carbonara.

Fabled Table: This one is actually a catering business and I would describe the food I sampled as basics with a twist. I had to force myself away from the raspberry habanero crostinis. I don't know if there were sweet or savory (I think both … neither?), but they were perfection in my mouth. They also had olive tapenade and berry blast crostinis that were equally as yum.

Can't wait to try some more goodies from these places, there's nothing I enjoy more than trying new food and new restaurants.

Have you discovered any new places for good grub? What's your favorite new discovery?

If you love food too, be sure to follow Sarah on Twitter: @SarahtheKovash

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