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As We Prepare For Weekend Storm, These Are The Worst Pittsburgh Snow Storms Of All Time

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The Pittsburgh area is used to snow, but big snow falls are another story.

There have only been a handful of "really big" storms that dropped more than a foot of snow in the city.

Forecasters say that the Steel City is poised to receive somewhere between four and eight inches of snow over the weekend, but that could change significantly depending on the storm track.

If the storm track moves even 50-miles to the south, Pittsburgh could see up to a foot of snow fall in the city.

Big snow totals haven't happened much in the past few years.

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The city did actually pick up eight inches on March 21 of last year. That was a lot of snowfall for the city, and the biggest we've had in quite some time.

According to National Weather Service Now Data, the last time we saw a single day snowfall of 11" or greater was February 5, 2010.

We had a foot of snow January 4, 1994, and if you remember the St. Patrick's Day Storm of 1993 (March 13), we picked up a whopping 23.6" that day.

Here is a list of the largest snow storms on record for Pittsburgh:

  • 27.4" -- November 24-26, 1950
  • 25.9" -- December 16-18, 1890
  • 25.3" -- March 12-14, 1993
  • 21.9" -- February 5-6, 2010
  • 18.5" -- January 8-9, 1886
  • 18.0" -- January 8-9, 1884

Here is the list of the greatest snowfall in one day ever recorded in Pittsburgh:

  • 23.6" -- March 13, 1993
  • 22.0" -- December 17, 1890
  • 16.5" -- January 8, 1884
  • 16.3" -- March 3, 1942
  • 15.0" -- March 5, 1902

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