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West Virginia University is increasing its tuition. Here's by how much and what is being cut.

What is a college grad's life without debt?
What is a college grad's life without debt? 07:31

West Virginia University is increasing tuition by just under 5% a semester and cutting several majors from its divisional campuses in an ongoing effort to offset enrollment drops and a budget deficit.

The state flagship university's board of governors voted Friday to discontinue bachelor's degree programs in chemistry, math and aviation management at West Virginia University Institute of Technology in Beckley, during a meeting where they approved the university's financial plan for the upcoming fiscal year. The board voted to cut bachelor's programs in recreation, parks, and tourism resources and wood science and technology at WVU Potomac State College in Keyser.

A new mine safety practices and health undergraduate certificate program was approved for the engineering school at the main WVU campus in Morgantown.

The board voted to increase undergraduate in-state tuition to $5,052 a semester, a $228 increase from this year. Tuition for out-of-state undergraduates will rise to $14,304, a $624 per semester increase.

Meanwhile, tuition for in-state graduate students will increase to $5,706 per semester, a $252 increase, and out-of-state graduate students will pay $14,769 a semester, a $639 increase.

Last year, the board approved a nearly 3% tuition bump for both in-state and out-of-state students.

"These tuition and fee increases are necessary to cover increased costs due to inflation and to continue to invest in excellence within the institution's core academic mission," the university's 2025 fiscal plan reads.

Student financial support will grow proportionally, the university said. Chief Financial Officer Paula Congelio said half of all in-state West Virginia University graduates this year who earned bachelor's degrees graduated with zero debt.

West Virginia University's board voted in September to make wide-ranging reductions to academic programs and faculty positions as it grappled with a $45 million budget shortfall.

The state's largest university dropped 28 of its majors, or about 8%, and cut 143 of the faculty positions, or around 5%. Among the cuts are one-third of education department faculty and the entire world language department, although there are still seven language teaching positions and students can take some language courses as electives.

The university in Morgantown had been weighed down financially by a 10% drop in enrollment since 2015, revenue lost during the pandemic and an increasing debt load for new building projects.

University officials said last week that the cuts, along with tuition increases and other changes, had been effective at getting the school into a more stable financial position. No faculty positions were cut with the elimination of the degree programs from West Virginia University Institute of Technology and Potomac State.

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