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Watch The CW's 'The Flash' First Look

The CW released a teaser promo for its DC Comic spinoff "The Flash" with none other than the "Arrow" hero. Barry Allen was introduced during the last season of "Arrow" and now we finally get to see Flash in action.

With a rumble, bolts of electricity and dust trailing behind, Flash runs in over the horizon testing his new skills.

The video illustrates the differences between the Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen and Grant Gustin's Barry Allen. Allen is excited to see what his super speed powers can do. He comes off as humorous and cocky while Queen is subdued and all business.

In the video, Green Arrow shoots at a human silhouette target, but before the arrow reaches the mark, Flash catches it in mid-air shouting in exhilaration.

"Show-off!" Queen mutters.

What do you think about "The Flash"? How excited are you about the show?

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