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'Walk Your Butt Off' & Lose Weight

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Walking is the most natural form of exercise. It's something we're all born to do.

Now, in a new book called "Walk Your Butt Off," co-author Leslie Bonci, who's the dietician for the Pirates, Steelers, Penguins and more, has a program to get you walking to lose weight and get healthy.

Bonci hopes to inspire you to walk your butt off and your belly and thighs or any other body part that could use some slimming down.

"Walk Your Butt Off," co-authored by Sarah Lorge Butler and Michele Stanten, outlines a program to build you up to walking five days a week, 30 minutes a day. Whether it's at lunch time on the North Shore, or whatever time you can squeeze in.

The big key is to schedule your walks in advance.

If exercise is part of your daily schedule, you are more likely to stick to it and avoid making excuses for not getting up and walking.

"I know for years my kids did soccer. There's room around the field," Bonci said, suggesting parents exercise walk around the field. "The kids are busy. It gives you something to do as well."

Leslie said there's a specific technique to make the most of your walk.

"The first thing we need to be doing is swing your arms. It propels you forward," Bonci said. Also, step heel to toe and take small steps.

The faster you walk, the more calories you'll burn.

If you walk 30 minutes, you're probably looking at burning 200-250 calories. So, if you just did that and kept your eating the same, that would be a 1/2 lb. loss over a week.

If you change your eating habits too, you can really lose weight. Leslie said forget dieting and start with a self-analysis.

"When you're writing down when you eat, what you eat, where you eat, you can also identify problem times," said Bonci. "Then, that's where you draw circles, and this is where I'm going to focus my efforts."

Leslie keeps it simple in the book with easy tips to eat right, including healthy recipes.

Kristen Tomasic is one of 22 volunteers who tested the program.

She lost 28 pounds and 20 inches in just 12 weeks. Arlene Scott lost 20 pounds and 14 inches.

Some testers didn't lose weight, but did lose inches and all felt better physically and mentally.

"Walk Your Butt Off" is from the editors of Prevention Magazine.

For more information on the book, click here:


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