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Vandergrift Transformed As "Banshee" TV Show Films Its Latest Season In Local Borough

VANDERGRIFT (KDKA) -- Go to Vandergrift these days, and you might think your mind is playing tricks on you.

The Casino Theater is now Banshee City Hall.

An office building is now the Banshee Public Library.

The old J.C. Penney store, vacant for years, is alive again as Banshee's Sheriff's Department.

And then there's the Vandergrift Borough building. You guessed it, now Banshee's Municipal Building.

The explanation? Another case of Hollywood coming to our area. This time, it's a TV show called "Banshee" on Cinemax. It's set in a town in Pennsylvania Amish country, but it's actually filming in Vandergrift.

The first three seasons were filmed in North Carolina, but tax incentives there went away. So they moved north.

"It's definitely cool to see all the signs," said Council President Brian Carricato. "You miss the name Vandergrift, but what they're doing for the town is very, very amazing."

The production means more money. Production crews are eating in local restaurants and buying in local stores.

Not to mention that the borough is getting a check for $200,000 for season four, and will get more if the show continues for seasons five and six.

There are now new storefronts for fake stores, trailers with production gear and Banshee Sheriff's vehicles about town.

And there's the opportunity for locals to be extras in the show. (Although, all were sworn to secrecy and unable to talk to us about it!)

Vandergrift resident Linda Boarts is ready for an upcoming outdoor scene near her home.

"I do want to have some people over on the deck and have a little "Banshee" party, but we've been told to keep it low key," said Boarts. "I'm sure they'll say quiet on the set and we'll be fine."

Vandergrift will remain "Banshee" at least until August.

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