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University of Pittsburgh to receive $151 million in funding after opposition from Pennsylvania GOP

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Pitt was recently in a battle with Pennsylvania House Republicans regarding their research involving fetal tissue from voluntary abortions.

The school was set to receive $151 million from the state, but House Republicans tried to prevent the funding from being provided.

A lot of that money, also, is used to make sure the university remains affordable for in-state residents who want to attend the University of Pittsburgh.

After a vote on Wednesday on a bill that would have withheld funding, the university barely escaped with its funding intact.

Instead, Pennsylvania Republicans moved an amendment to a separate bill that would prevent state-funded universities from receiving funding if they engage in fetal research but that is expected to die in the State Senate.

All of this has been one reason why Pennsylvania has begun the fiscal year without a budget. 

At the end of the day, Governor Tom Wolf could veto the bill which tries to prevent the research and everything else would stand as-is.

Now, after passing their largest hurdle, Pitt has its funding and will continue its research as well as help its students.

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