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Swindell Bridge closed for emergency inspection after debris falls into cars

Swindell Bridge closed for emergency repairs
Swindell Bridge closed for emergency repairs 01:55

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Swindell Bridge in Northview Heights is closed this weekend after rocky debris fell into the path of cars.

That debris cracked windshields and caused other damage, but thankfully, there were no injuries.

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Crews were out, inspecting the foundation of the Swindell Bridge after debris fell from it on Friday.

They were trying to make sure the metal is still strong and rust hasn't eaten at the structure.

"Thank goodness they're starting to work on that so it won't happen ever again," Mohamed Keita said. He is a resident in Northview Heights who uses the bridge on a regular basis.

He said he's always had a bit of a shaky feeling about it.

"I've seen it have some cracks and potholes and I'm actually glad they're getting started on this bridge," Keita said.

The Swindell Bridge is one of 20 city-owned bridges rated in poor condition and inspectors say their work Saturday was to check the thickness of the metal and knock off any rust.

But folks like Mohamed believe, although better late than never, safety should always be a top priority and a poor rating isn't good enough.

"Honestly, for me, I feel like they need to renovate the whole entire bridge. Just start not only from the bridge roads but the structure and steel. They need to reconstruct all that part so we'll have a safer and better bridge," Keita added.

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The inspectors say once they've finished — they'll report back to officials — have a conversation — and figure out if a fast track to replacing the bridge, like some want, needs to happen.

As of now, the city does have plans to overhaul or replace the bridge in a few years but for now, believe repairs will suffice.

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