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State Treasurer Says Unclaimed Money Could Be Waiting For You

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Politicians love to hand out checks, but this one was different.

State Treasurer Rob McCord presented officials at the Veterans Leadership Program, or VLP, a check for unclaimed money to the tune of $5,502.

"That money was sent to them a dozen years ago," McCord told KDKA money editor Jon Delano. "They never cashed the check, probably didn't reach them. That happens."

Over $2 billion in unclaimed property is safeguarded by the Treasurer's office.

"It's almost always something financial, not material. And it's something you didn't know you left behind."

For the VLP that assists veterans with housing, employment, legal and benefits issues, the cash is needed for gas cards, bus passes, or even boots, says Kyle Steffen, who helps vets transition back into the workforce.

"We're able to assist those veterans with getting those items they need for work, so that they're able to be successful in their careers as they transition from the military," notes Steffen.

McCord says both individuals and organizations have unclaimed funds -- a quarter of a billion dollars in this region alone awaits a claim.

It's really very easy to do.

Go to, and type in your name.

Jon Delano did that, and a whole lot of Delanos who are owed money showed up.

His name was not there, but his late brother's name was, so his family can fill out a form to get an uncashed check of less than $100.

As the veterans discovered, McCord says there's a one out of 10 chance that cash awaits you or your organization.

Check it out to get a check.

Nearly $2 Billion In Unclaimed Money Owed To Pennsylvanians
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