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'Fight For What's Right:' Mayor Ed Gainey Among Those Supporting Starbucks Unionization Push

By: Erika Stanish

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Starbucks workers in Bloomfield are making the push to be the first in the state to unionize.

"This is what the world has been waiting for," Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey said at the rally held on Saturday morning.

Employees and city leaders made their voices heard, pushing for the Liberty Avenue Starbucks to be the first to unionize.

"Begin to fight for what's right, begin to make sure that we have a city that we can unionize," Gainey continued. "To stand up and be able to say that we will not tolerate working conditions that are not right for people, fight for what's right for a living wage."

Mayor Gainey was among a group of supporters encouraging them to unionize and doing so would help make Pittsburgh the most welcoming, safe, and diverse city in America.

A place where everyone can thrive and everyone has opportunity.

"Today, we come to stand with you because I know you're making a better world," Gainey said.

The location in Bloomfield and another in Oakland are joining a national wave that is attempting to unionize.

Their demands are simple: they want safer working conditions and a better living wage.

In just the past week, 20 unfair labor practice charges were filed against Starbucks.

"People that will stand up for employment reasons, to make sure we have a right to unionize in a way that creates a condition of working that is good for everyone," said Gainey.

Starbucks has maintained over the last several months that they would prefer to discuss these matters without forming unions.

That all could come down to a vote at the end of this month.

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