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Staying Safe, Spotting Symptoms Of A Heart Attack While Shoveling Snow

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- As the Pittsburgh region wakes up blanketed with heavy snow, emergency departments at local hospitals are bracing for potential heart attack victims.

Doctors say the heavier the snow, the higher risk of heart problems.

Emergency department officials say the correlation between snow and heart attacks is very real.

The health problems individuals suffer while shoveling and clearing snow affect both men and women, and age doesn't matter.

"we actually see this frequently in the younger population as well, because you know again, it's lack of physical activity," said. AHN's Dr. Matthew Poremba.

Dr. Poremba says denial of health problems is a major issue.

"Most of the people think oh this can't be me. This can't happen to me. It's it must just be cold or it must just be working a little too hard," Dr. Poremba added.

The symptoms of having a heart problem while shoveling snow are nothing to ignore, and can include being winded, having pressure in your chest, or are sort of pain in the chest region.

Dr. Poremba also says the symptoms might be revealing something else.

"So you may not be having a heart attack, but you may find out you've got COVID Yeah, you may have COVID You may be dropping your oxygen saturations. And causing yourself damage you don't even realize," Dr. Poremba said.

if you have chest pain or shortness of breath, go to the ER and get checked.

In the case of a heart attack, minutes count.

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