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Snow-Covered Roads and Sidewalks Still An Issue In Some Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

By: Shelley Bortz/KDKA-TV

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Since last week's snowstorm, there are still streets across the city of Pittsburgh that haven't been plowed or salted.

Bloomfield residents are worried, with the temperatures dropping into single digits, that the untouched streets and sidewalks will turn into sheets of ice.

"All this is going to turn into ice. My main concern is ice," said Michael Fazio.

Fazio lives in Bloomfield, just a few blocks from Liberty Avenue. He said once the snow starts falling, the side streets stay covered. Furthermore, when the temperatures drop, the snow-covered streets usually turn to ice.

snow sidewalk
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

"Once it turns to ice, normally it's walk time. That's why you live in a place like Bloomfield, so you can walk and get to stores easily," he said.

But the sidewalks aren't any better. People are walking in the streets because they can't walk safely on the sidewalks.

"I think it's awful," said John Studeny.

Studeny said his wife used to hang up the cars keys in the winter and leave them there until spring. He said not everyone feels confident driving in the snow or has a car.

He thinks clearing the sidewalks should be a high priority.

"There's an ordinance about that, and I think after a certain amount of time they should enforce it. People have to travel back and forth to the avenue to get the buses," Studeny said.

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