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Retail Development Possible With Petro Chemical Plant

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - Rob Pratte was joined by Pat Nardelli, Joe Dentici, and Lou Gentile to discuss the proposed Petro Chemical Plant.

Nardelli,Gentile and Dentici taked about the possible economic development in infrastructure and retail for the plant, which is also called the Cracker Plant.

Nardelli explained that the proposal is "bigger than the plant itself," and that jobs would be created to support the new flux of workers in the area. He pointed out that newly created jobs would be "short term and long term" in nature.

Dentici says he's excited about the possible construction jobs in building the plant, and infrastructure projects that would also be needed. Joe is confident the new Petro Chemical Plant would bring manufacturing back to Pennsylvania.

The Petro Chemical Plant would require security which is Lou Gentile's specialty.  He explained that "security" is needed especially for energy companies, natural gas and oil need to protect the quality of their product.

Retail development is one of the many economic possibilities with the proposed Petro Chemical Plant, which could be a stimulant to Pennsylvania's economy.

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