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Report: Haywood Requests Investigation

Pittsburgh (KDKA)- If the University of Pittsburgh thought they were done dealing with former head football coach Michael Haywood, they were wrong.

Paul Zeise of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that Haywood has asked the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and other state and federal agencies to investigate the university's firing of him.

Haywood attorney Tony Buzbee is troubled by Pitt's lack of investigation and firing Haywood just sixteen days after hiring him.

Haywood was hired on December 16th to replace Dave Wannstedt but was fired on Jan. 1st because of a domestic incident he was allegedly involved in with the mother of his child.

The alleged victim in the case soon thereafter filed court papers asserting Haywood was not a danger to her or the couple's child.

Buzbee issued the following statement yesterday:

"In their rush to judgment, Pitt officials did not bother to contact the alleged victim or even the coach himself. I believe the university violated its contract with the coach, the university's employment procedures, and the Due Process Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Had Pitt conducted even a cursory investigation, it would have determined that the alleged incident simply did not occur as reported, and the termination would not have occurred. We are exploring other motives for Pitt's firing of Coach Haywood."

The university has yet to comment on this possible investigation.

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