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Postal Service Suspends Door-To-Door Delivery On Street In Beechview After Dog Bites Mail Carrier

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Residents on a street in Beechview are raising questions after the Postal Service stopped door-to-door delivery after issues with a dog.

"Where is my mail?"

That's what people on Wenzell Place in Beechview have been asking for more than three months. The Postal Service has suspended door-to-door delivery there, and KDKA investigator Andy Sheehan went looking for the reason why. 

Like the rest of the folks on Wenzell Place, Mary Jo Hummel hasn't had her mail delivered for more than three months. She has to drive a mile to the post office to post her mail or pick it up.

"It's very annoying and it's very unfair," said Hummel.

Three months ago around Halloween, a pit bull on the street bit a mail carrier, and mail delivery suddenly stopped. Residents say it hasn't resumed since.

"Everyone on the street pays tax dollars to have the mail delivered to them, but nothing comes," said resident Steve Koch.

By way of explanation, the Postal Service sent KDKA this statement:

"We have had an ongoing problem with a dog on that street. Our carrier has been bitten and chased several houses up the street...We will continue to monitor the situation for the safety of our employees."

In one letter that was delivered, the Postal Service informed residents it intends to put a communal delivery box at the bottom of the hill. But Councilman Anthony Coghill doesn't support the idea.

"I don't like that solution," he said. "I certainly don't want it on city property. Last I checked, the federal government doesn't have property in that area."

Furthermore, neighbors say the dog is no longer here. Either the dog was picked up by animal control or given away. But all agree the animal hasn't been around in months and mail services should resume - not to box down the street.

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