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Police: Man Took Video Of Westmoreland Co. Women Showering

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Police have arrested a man, after they say he went around taping local women while they were showering.

Police say John Robert Miller was taking video of a Unity Township woman in the shower from outside of her house, when he was spotted by the woman's neighbor, William Koutsky.

"I was in the backyard and looked over at the neighbor's house and noticed there was someone looking in the window," said Koutsky. "It was dark, but you could definitely see the LCD display and you could see sort of like the flashes, so you knew what it was."

Koutsky said Miller was standing on a saw horse and went to investigate, when he saw what he was doing and held him until police arrived.

"I just said, 'What are you doing?' He jumped down and started to run," Koutsky said.

Police say Miller admitted he was taking video of the woman.

Miller also confessed that he'd taken videos of six other women in the same Lawson Heights neighborhood over the past four months, authorities said.

Miller previously served nine years in prison for the same crime, as well as a string of burglars, according to police.

He is charged with criminal trespass and loitering at night time.

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