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Pittsburgh Public Safety prepares for fun, fireworks, and other Independence Day celebrations

Public safety prepares for Fourth Of July
Public safety prepares for Fourth Of July 01:32

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Independence Day is almost here!

In about 35 hours, thousands are expected to pack into Point State Park for fun, food, and the annual fireworks show.

With the celebration on the horizon, city leaders have laid out how they plan to keep the celebrations safe.

It's an event each summer that draws so many to the city and Pittsburgh Public Safety has said that there will also be plenty of blue lights in the city.

To ensure it is a safe and family-friendly environment, several branches of law enforcement will be roaming the streets like Pittsburgh Police, state police, and even Homeland Security.

Public safety has said that more than a dozen light towers will be in place to provide an added level of security.

There will also be bag screenings when people arrive at Point State Park, and for drivers, streets will be closed off so it's best to avoid driving downtown, if possible.

The park will close at 9:30 once the fireworks begin.

For those who aren't coming downtown and plan on having an at-home fireworks show, there's still plenty to know.

So, what is legal and what is not?

According to Pennsylvania State Police, "Class C" or "Consumer Grade" fireworks are all clear – that means firecrackers, bottle rockets, and anything that contains a maximum of 50 milligrams of explosive material.

Display fireworks, on the other hand, have 130 milligrams of explosive material and are off-limits. They're only allowed by professionals with a permit.

Which brings us to the next question: where can you shoot fireworks off from?

Basically any open space, but fireworks cannot be fired off from a number of places, including public or private property without permission, from inside a car, or building, or if you're under the influence.

With all that in mind, the goal remains for everyone to have a safe and fun Independence Day, that's why state police have asked everyone to follow the fireworks code of conduct.

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