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Couple Seen In Viral Video Of Clash With Pittsburgh Protesters Speaks Out

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- It's a video being shared thousands of times and attracting international attention after a chaotic confrontation: protesters rolled past dinner tables along Penn Avenue on Saturday. Now we're hearing from the couple in that video.

The couple, who want to remain anonymous, were outside eating on Penn Avenue downtown when it happened.

They say they support the Black Lives Matter movement, but the group who caused the disruption is not part of the movement.

restaurant protester clash
(Photo Credit: Facebook)

They tell KDKA they were enjoying eating dinner outside and were happy with the crowd until a group seen in the now viral video shows up and starts screaming.

The couple said they kept quiet while being yelled at because they didn't want to escalate the situation. In their words, the group came of out nowhere and started antagonizing people.

In the video, Nique Craft, seen snatching the beer off of the couple's table and drinking it, told KDKA the couple gave them permission to have it.

However, the couple says that is not true. They say Craft "took the glass and threw it on the ground, causing a safety issue."


The couple doesn't want jail time for this demonstrator. They say they want Craft to be accountable for their actions, apologize and clean their mess up.

Meanwhile, another video shows demonstrators chasing away a group of people who rode their bikes through the crowd. One of the riders is seen in the video smacking a bullhorn that belonged to one of the protesters, then getting hit over the helmet with a skateboard.

State leaders are calling what the demonstrators did a crime and Pittsburgh Police officials are reviewing video. President Donald Trump also tweeted a reaction Tuesday morning, calling the protesters "anarchists."

The restaurant, Sienna Mercato, says on Facebook, "While we support the right to peaceful protest, violence and destruction are not the answer.."

KDKA reached out to Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and was told he wasn't available today.

They are encouraging anyone impacted or assaulted during the protest to file a police report.

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