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Crews Back Out During Rush Hour Snowfall

By: KDKA-TV's Shelley Bortz and Jennifer Borrasso

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - It's been more than a week since the last snowstorm and Westmont Avenue in Carrick is still covered. People there are worried that more snow will cause it to become even more treacherous.

"It's never done. I be sliding, I be slipping, it's just a mess," said Aliya Brandt.

She said you can't even stop at the stop signs on the street, you just slide right through them. The forecast calls for more snow Monday night and that scares her.

westmont street carrick
(Photo: KDKA)

"Yeah, that worries me a little bit because I know I'm not good at driving on ice and my street gets really icy too, so it's bad all around," Brandt said.

KDKA News called the city to find out if a salt truck was scheduled to come out to Westmont Avenue. The city said they made the Department of Public Works aware of the street's dire need of plowing and salting.

People who live on the street just want to be treated like everyone else who pays taxes in the city of Pittsburgh.

"People on the side streets are just as important as the people on the main streets. We use side streets just as much. Sometimes it's easier to clear the side streets to be done. Besides, the main streets are always backed up so they need to take care of everybody," said Jenna Banks.

WATCH: KDKA's Jennifer Borroasso reports

The snow was coming down around rush hour, creating difficult driving conditions in some places like Mt. Washington and Penn Hills.

KDKA didn't see many plows, and on the Parkway East, there were slick, wet conditions. A PennDOT spokesperson in Allegheny County said there are no restrictions. Seventy-one trucks were out. There were a couple of minor incidents, but they've all been resolved.

Interstates and expressways were mostly wet around 10:30 p.m. with ramps slushy. Secondaries were a mix of snow and slush. Crews continue to make progress.

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