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Pittsburgh-area Christmas tree lots may have a smaller supply of trees this year

Tree farms say supply could be down this year
Tree farms say supply could be down this year 02:31

NEW ALEXANDRIA, Pa. (KDKA) — Christmas trees are the symbol of the season, and getting one, especially a live one, can be a fun outing for the whole family. 

However, some Christmas tree experts say that it is a good idea to go sooner rather than later this year because supply for the tree lots may be slightly down.

Aaron Grau, the executive director of the Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers Association, says not to panic. Grau says they are plenty of trees to go around, but the variety may just be a little lacking due to planting patterns from years past.

"Five to six years ago, there was an overabundance of trees on the market and the cost of trees, therefore, was very low," Grau said. "And in some instances, it was so low that a lot of smaller growers weren't making the margins they were hoping to make on sales and so without those margins, they weren't able to reinvest in new crop. And since it takes six to seven years to grow a Christmas tree, you are seeing the results of fewer trees planted."

So, this may be why some of the better trees are ready to go home now. But again, just because there may be fewer trees, doesn't mean that there is a shortage of trees.

Preston Fleming runs Fleming's Tree Farm in New Alexandra, and he says that when they open the farm to the public on Friday, they will have a lot of trees available.

"We have a great supply of trees," says Fleming. "If you want to cut one, we have a great selection in the field or we have precut trees we bring in from our other fields. So, there is no shortage here at Fleming's."

And again, places like Fleming's say that they aren't going to have any shortages, so you'll be OK if you want a live tree. The question is, do you want to come out to the farm and cut one down for yourself? If so, bring a saw.

For more information on Fleming's Tree Farm, click here.

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