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Pennsylvania U.S. Senate primary between Oz and McCormick headed for a recount

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – In the wake of Tuesday's primary elections, there is still a race we are still awaiting the results.

For the Republican Senate primary race, we already know we're heading for an automatic recount, considering the difference between Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dave McCormick is only about 1,000 votes.

Now, this is a state competition and although Dr. Oz is slightly ahead, it is McCormick who won the Republican vote in Allegheny County.

On Friday, there were some issues with some of the ballot scanners – which isn't unusual at all, but this race has garnered new attention in the process.

Both campaigns have already hired recount experts and strategists and before a recount begins, campaigns can start filing lawsuits to contest how individual counties counted votes.

So far, neither campaign has gone as far to say that they've won the race – but both believe they will emerge victorious.

An even closer look at the numbers will come on Monday when the effort to count votes continues.


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