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Paperless Ticketing Leads To Long Lines Outside Heinz Field Ahead Of Steelers Game

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- More than 60,000 fans flocked to Heinz Field today for the first time since 2019, but there were some issues getting into the game.

Fans were so excited to be back at Heinz Field, but many had to wait in crowded lines because some people didn't have their tickets downloaded to their phones before arriving to the gate.

The Steelers want to remind everyone this is the first paperless season.

When the Steelers home opener against the Raiders kicked off, large groups of people were waiting to get in.

Steelers Heinz Field long lines
(Photo Credit: Jessica Guay)

"We waited so long, very crowded that was the only downside to the day, but you know it happens," Karli Franchuk said.

"It was pretty long, it was really hot, I was really thirsty," Kayla Hoffman said.

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Steelers Communications Director Burt Lauten says they sent out information about this season being all mobile along with instructions.

And that the best thing to do is save your tickets to your phone's wallet prior to the game.

"We asked our fans to make sure they got their tickets downloaded to their Apple Wallet or Google Pay before they got to the line, and unfortunately some didn't and it caused some backups," Steelers Director of Communications Burt Lauten said. "But we anticipated some of that given it's the first regular-season game with this new mobile ticketing."

Once everyone made it in...

"So exciting, it was electric -- well until we lost so before that," Franchuk said.

The Steelers haven't seen crowds like this in more than two years, but not every seat was filled.

"Typically, we have some seats that are empty throughout the year at each game, and we understand that for whatever reason, whether it's the current climate we're in or whatever it may be," Lauten said. "If you look back at our previous years with attendance, it's not too far off, so we are excited that over 63,000 people came to our game."

Fans missed waving their Terrible Towels and cheering on the black and gold.

"It's been too long," Erica Mallary said.

"I'm glad to be at Heinz Field," Hoffman said.

The Steelers hope fans understand what happened today and want to make sure this doesn't happen at next week's game against the Bengals.

They encourage fans to come early - with your tickets downloaded to your phone!

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