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Pa. State Legislators Pushing For Whole Milk In School Cafeterias

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- State House members will vote this week on whether or not to get whole milk back into Pennsylvania school cafeterias.

Back in 2010, the federal government mandated that only skim milk could be served in schools.

Since then, milk consumption among young people has been trending downwards.

The Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board says consumption is down 35%.

With the second most dairy farms in the country, the board says milk is a huge part of the state's economy and that the 'skim only' rule is hurting dairy farmers.

"If Pennsylvania schools want to serve Pennsylvania milk to Pennsylvania school children with Pennsylvania funds, that is a Pennsylvania matter, not a federal matter," said Rep. John Lawrence.

"If we are allowed to offer the whole milk, those children in schools will get the nutrition they deserve," Lawrence added.

Under the bill, the state's attorney general would be required to sue the federal government, if necessary, to allow the change.

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