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North Hills Woman's Fiancé Stuck In Afghanistan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - A North Hills woman is desperately trying to help her fiancé stuck in Afghanistan.

"It's a waiting game. I mean at this point, any little bit of information I get that I think can help him, I'm providing to him," said Katilyn Russell.

Russell told KDKA her fiancé was a translator with the Marines and has the right documentation but is stuck outside the airport.

"He has filled out the SIV paperwork for a Special Immigrant Visa. He has the recommendations that are required," Russell said.

But Russell said he just keeps hitting roadblocks. After traveling out of the city, he and his mother have spent the last three days waiting and just waiting.

"Just feeling hopeless, like there is nothing they can do. Yesterday they reported tear gas was used to disperse the crowd and in the background, there is this constant noise of guns and shots fired into the air," Russell said.

After calling lawmakers and pleading for help, she's sharing her story. KDKA took that to Senator Bob Casey for help.

"It's a case by case depending on where the individual is, but our number one goal has to be to get every American citizen out of Afghanistan that wants to leave and to help those who've helped us for the last two decades," Casey said.

KDKA connected Russell with the senator in the hope of bringing her loved ones home.

"We want to help her and I think that's true of every member of Congress. It's one of those rare incidents where everyone wants to help those who are trying to get out," Casey said.

Russell said she's thankful for everyone who has stepped up to help and is hopeful she will see her fiancé again soon in Pittsburgh.

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