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NFL Finds 'No Evidence' Mason Rudolph Called Myles Garrett A Racial Slur

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- According to NFL Network's Mike Garafolo, the NFL found no evidence to support Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph called Myles Garrett a racial slur during the Steelers-Browns brawl last week.

According to reports, Myles Garrett alleged Mason Rudolph called him a racial slur before the brawl on Thursday Night Football. Garrett made the accusation during his appeal hearing in New York Wednesday.

"In an appeal with the NFL, Browns' DE Myles Garrett alleged that Mason Rudolph called him a racial slur prior to last week's brawl on Thursday Night Football, sources told ESPN's Josina Anderson and me, an accusation the Steelers' QB strongly denies."

Rudolph has adamantly denied the use of any racial remark towards Garrett. Rudolph's attorney posted a statement to Twitter following the accusation.

"Mason Rudolph's agent Tim Younger, in a statement posted to Twitter: "This is a lie. ... The malicious use of this wild and unfounded allegation is an assault on Mason's integrity, which is far worse than the physical assault witness on Thursday. This is reckless and shameful."

Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens was mum when asked about the new allegations at practice Thursday.

"Freddie Kitchens on new allegations of racial slur in Myles Garrett-Mason Rudolph confrontation: What Myles and I talk about will stay between Myles and I. I'm sure Myles represented himself professionally. I'll stand by Myles and that will not waver."

"Freddie Kitchens on Myles Garrett's allegation that Mason Rudolph used a racial slur:"

As was some of Garrett's teammates.

"Just asked Baker Mayfield about Garrett's allegation that Rudolph used a racial slur and he seemed pretty stunned. Said wasn't something he'd heard, including from anyone on the team, until I just asked him."

"I asked Browns DT Sheldon Richardson if Myles Garrett had ever told him what Garrett alleged about Rudolph in the hearing. Richardson said he hadn't and said my question was the first he'd even heard about it."

Mason Rudolph was not available for comment following Thursday's practice. Rudolph's teammates did speak after practice, adamantly defending their quarterback.

"Steelers DL Cam Heyward was very strong in defending Rudolph. Said Rudolph came up to him at the end of practice and told him: "I did not say that."

Many have taken to social media to question the timing of the release of the new information.

"If it's proven that he made this up, suspension time should increase. It's a serious charge and certainly hurts those who are real victims of racism"

"If Myles Garrett is fabricating this he's an even more reckless human than one who would swing a helmet at someone's skull."

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