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'As A Mother, I Wanted To Hurt Him:' Man Arrested After Allegedly Terrorizing Westmoreland Co. Neighborhood

DERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) - A local man is in jail, accused of trying to get two teenagers to have sex with him. Neighbors say he also exposed himself and took off in an SUV down the street.

According to people living on Murtha Way outside of Derry, Eric Armstrong has not been welcome in the neighborhood for some time.

"He's been banned from the property since 2012," says eyewitness Mary Remaley.

But state police and witnesses say the 31-year-old returned and went on a tear of terrible behavior and dangerous driving.

"It was absolute chaos," says Remaley.

According to witnesses, the Loyalhanna man roared down the street in his a Chevy Trailblazer as children ran for safety. He allegedly stopped twice to talk to some young girls.

"Driving like a lunatic, asking kids for sex -- it was crazy," says Jessica Savage, another witness.

At one point, Armstrong -- still allegedly behind the wheel -- pulled down his pants and exposed himself to the growing crowd of angry parents.

"They were trying to block him off in the circle up top, and they did not succeed," says Savage.

"It got too dangerous. He floored his vehicle backwards and tried to hit people who were trying to block him in," Remaley

Despite their best efforts, parents and other adults could not keep Armstrong from leaving.

Video given to KDKA of Armstrong allegedly tearing through the streets ends jut before Armstrong allegedly drove up onto a playground loaded with children.

"He swerved and tried to hit two toddlers with a stroller," says Remaley.

State troopers tracked Armstrong to his mother's home, where they found the Trailblazer. Armstrong jumped a fence and took off into some nearby woods. He was captured a short time later.

Incredibly, no one was hurt in the incident. One parent KDKA spoke to said Armstrong is lucky he made it out of the neighborhood unscathed.

"As a mother, I wanted to hurt him," Remaley.

He's facing multiple charges to include open lewdness and recklessly endangering another person.

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