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Man Charged With Recording Women At Tanning Salon

JEANNETTE (KDKA) -- Police have charged a Jeannette man with taking roughly 100 videos of women undressing in a local tanning salon.

The videos were made in mid-to-late 2006 at the Sunkissed Tanning Salon in East Huntingdon, Westmoreland County.

Police say 28-year-old Jesse Macklin first scoped the place out as a customer, then went back and broke in through a vacant business in the strip mall. He climbed into the ceiling and used a catwalk to maneuver to an area above the salon.

Police say he would spend up to 10 hours a day recording videos of women through three holes in the ceiling. The videos were hand shot and even zoomed in on various parts of the women's bodies. Police say Macklin would take snacks and water with him for his extended time in the ceiling. He did this on six different occasions.

Seventy-three women are believed to have been videotaped in all. Forty have been identified. Twenty were juveniles at the time of the incident. Thirty-three women have not yet been identified.

The videos were posted on five to 10 pornographic websites. Police believe most if not all of the videos have been removed.

The investigation was launched in 2007 after video of a Mount Pleasant High School student was discovered online and distributed among her classmates. It wasn't until recently that police realized the magnitude of the case and were able to file charges.

Macklin now faces more than 200 counts of different charges. There are 11 charges in all, including burglary and sexual abuse of children.

Fifteen women have already joined a civil lawsuit against the salon. More are expected to join that suit by the end of this week.

Macklin is being held in the Westmoreland County Jail on $50,000 bond.

If you tanned at the Sunkissed Tanning Salon in mid-to-late 2006 and believe you may have been a victim, you should contact state police in Greensburg.

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