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Local Runners Describe Terrifying Moments At Boston Marathon

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - According to the Boston Marathon, there are more than 50 people from Pittsburgh who were signed up to run in the race.

One of them was a local med student.

Vince Chavanon was excited to be running his first Boston Marathon. The 26-year-old was celebrating with friends on Boylston Street near the finish line when they heard a bang and then another.

"Honestly, it was terrifying. We didn't know what happened. We saw smoke and we saw people running in both directions," Chavanon said.

KDKA-TV's Susan Koeppen spoke with the fourth-year Pitt medical student by Skype Monday night. He said it didn't take long to realize this was an act of terrorism.

"And somebody mentioned bomb and we all saw the smoke and at that point when I saw the police running and no runners, it was pretty clear," Chavanon said. "Certainly, my thoughts are with those who were much closer to the finish line than I was."

Koeppen also talked with a local emergency room doctor who ran the Boston Marathon.

She said she was about a block away when the bombs went off. She ran to the scene and offered to help with victims, but police told her to get out of the area as fast as she could.

She and Vince both plan to return to Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

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