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Kennywood And Sandcastle Believe They Can Reopen Safely Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pa. (KDKA) -- When you walk into Kennywood or Sandcastle Waterpark, you'll be greeted by a temperature check.

If your temperature is 100.4 degrees or higher, you won't be allowed in.

However, before you even get that far, you'll want to RSVP your visit online because both parks are limiting capacity.

WATCH: KDKA'S Lindsay Ward Interviews Kennywood & Sandcastle Spokesperson Nick Paradise

"You get here, you're going to see the social distancing signage all over the ground, signs all over. Face coverings are very important, requiring everyone to wear masks. The only exception is children ages 0-2," said park official Nick Paradise.

Park staff said having a medical condition is no exception.

If you need a break from the mask in this heat, Kennywood has three mask-free zones set up throughout the park. But keep in mind, you only get 10 minutes there.

If you decide to ride one of the park's many roller coasters, you'll have to social distance.

"On rides that have rows like roller coasters, might have a family of four, they can sit in back to back rows. But then there's got to be six feet between them and the next travel party," said Paradise.

You'll have to stand six feet apart while waiting in line for all rides, including the water slides at Sandcastle. Face masks won't be required on water rides for safety reasons, but as soon as you jump in line for food, you'll need to put it back on.

Both Kennywood and Sandcastle had to push back opening days several times.  And even though cases in Allegheny County have been on the rise recently, park officials are confident they're ready to open.

"Being an outdoor venue with a lot of space to work with and the strong plan we have in place, we are going to be out in park enforcing in making sure people are complying with it," said Paradise.

Sandcastle opens to the public Friday. Kennywood will be open Friday for season passes holders and the public on Monday.

Hours at the parks are limited, and some rides will be closed.

For more information on what those rides are, click here.

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