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Jo-Lynn's Pizzaria, Family-Owned For 3 Generations, Found In Flames

LIBERTY BOROUGH (KDKA) -- A business that's been in the family for three generations was found in flames this morning by neighbors in Liberty Borough.

The owner says it'll be a tough recovery, but she's determined to come back strong.

A community staple pizza shop has been forced to stop their ovens and halt their deliveries because of a fire this morning.

"We pulled up, there was a lot of smoke and fire coming through the roof," said Liberty Borough Fire Chief Corey Derr.

"I got woken up out of a dead sleep," said Julz, a Jo-Lynn's Pizzaria employee. "She called me this morning and said your work is on fire and I walked outside, and I could see the smoke coming down from my house."

Jo-Lynn's Pizzaria was closed, so there were no injuries. But there are broken hearts.

"It's absolutely heart-breaking and devastating," Julz said. "I'm 39-years-old, I've been here since I was 16."

The business was started in the 70s. It has been in the same location since the 1980s and passed down from generation to generation.

It's employed countless community members, including the fire chief, and it's the only pizza shop in town.

"It's gonna be a huge loss for the community, and we hope they can rebuild and reopen," Derr said.

And the crew says they'll do just that and return even better.

"We're gonna build back, we're gonna come back after this, we're gonna get over this and come back better," Julz said.

As for what started the fire, there's no word just yet. The Allegheny County Fire Marshal is investigating.

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