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How To Get That Fierce Holiday Look by Beyoncé's Makeup Artist Francesca Tolot

Francesca Tolot, Beyoncé's longtime makeup artist, recently released a photo book called One Woman, 100 Faces. Done in conjunction with photographer Alberto Tolot and model Mitzi Martin (along with a grip of hair stylists and set designers), the coffee table book spans what Tolot describes as "a fantasy tour of fairytale characters" in which "every woman can discover one or multiple facets of herself."

Tolot chatted with us about three specific looks from the book that we think any woman could create for a dramatic holiday makeup look; from a cocktail party to a holiday dinner to a full-on gown wearing extravaganza—here are some tips to look flawless for the holidays, as told to by Fancesca Tolot herself.


Thin eyebrows are not really in right now, it's more of a thicker brow. I used a pencil on this one. I actually would define the look and give it a Spanish feeling, which was my intention in this particular picture. It's definitely the eyebrows, the very dark, defined eyebrows. At this time, Mitzi did have thinner eyebrows, so I used the thickness of her own eyebrows in the beginning part, closer to the nose. Then I covered her eyebrows at the end in order to create this almost straight line, using wax and makeup. That's not recommended for regular women to do so. Instead following their own natural shape, fill the eyebrows in and try to make them appear thicker than they are. I use pencil when I want a very dramatic look. Otherwise, I prefer to use powder because it's a softer, more natural look.

The complete lid is painted and extended in a liner shape—but it's the whole lid that's painted. Actually what you see is brown, the photo shows a light shadow. So the brown that you see, that's light. The bottom of the eye is lined with a turquoise eye shadow. Makeup needs to be adjusted to every single individual. One makeup doesn't look good on everybody. If you have a heavy top lid, then this look is not going to look good on you.






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