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Free Drive-Thru Gives Local Families 1,200 Gallons Of Milk That Struggling Dairy Farmers Would Have Thrown Out

GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) - A bunch of Westmoreland County residents' fridges are stocked with milk thanks to a special federal program to help the public and the struggling dairy industry.

Imagine a pit crew that's sole job was to fill the car with milk, and you'll have an idea why young Ben King's feeling a bit tuckered.

Ross Guidotti: "How are your arms feeling?"
Ben King: "Tired. Well, my arms aren't tired, my fingers are."

Ben and crew, thanks to the Greensburg Fire Department, were muscles behind Wednesday morning's free milk drive-thru at Nicely Elementary School in Greensburg.

"This has provided a really great outlet to rid of 1,200 hundred gallons in one day," says Cara Trotter with the American Dairy Association.

The federal Coronavirus Food Assistance Program through Schneider's Dairy supplied the milk.

Dairy farmers are taking a huge hit. Coronavirus restrictions have milk prices through the floor, forcing some farmers to do the unthinkable.

"You see a quality product that you put your life's effort into to produce, that has been appreciated in the past, to see it go down the drain, it's pretty hard to handle. It's pretty hard to see," says dairy farmer Dean Kind.

Free to everyone and anyone, vehicle after vehicle pulled up and pulled out with what could have potentially gone to spoil, but is instead going to cereal bowls and all manner of recipes.

Farmer Kind is more than ok with it. After all, there's no use in crying over spilt milk.

"Whenever you see a quality product that you produce get into the hands of those who really need it, it gives you a satisfying feeling," he says.

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