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Golf ranger suspended after carrying weapon on Greensburg golf course

Golf ranger suspended after carrying weapon on Greensburg golf course
Golf ranger suspended after carrying weapon on Greensburg golf course 02:07

GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) -- A golf ranger in Greensburg was suspended from his job after he was found with a weapon at a local golf course.

The Greensburg Police Department said the incident happened on May 24 around 4 p.m.

Police Chief Mike McNealy told KDKA-TV that four golfers from Tennessee were in town on business, and were playing a round at Mt. Odin Park Golf Course when the altercation happened.

McNealy said the foursome drove off the cart path and into the fairway, against signage, and were approached by the ranger when a verbal altercation broke out.

That's when McNealy said one of the golfers noticed the ranger had a weapon holstered, felt threatened, and called the police.

"I'm very surprised to hear that. I've been out here. I come out here a number of times during the summer, and never even seen a ranger on the course. So, to hear one that's carrying a weapon of some sort bothers me. What happened if I missed a good drive or something?" local golfer Chip Kerr said.

Police said Mt. Odin is owned and operated by the City of Greensburg. According to the handbook, it's against city policy for rangers or any employee to carry a weapon.

McNealy said the golfers decided against filing charges, therefore the ranger's identity has not been released, but police said the ranger had been suspended until further notice, pending a hearing.

McNealy said he did have a concealed carry permit. The ranger was carrying a .25 caliber semi-automatic firearm during the incident. The sheriff's office is planning to revoke the ranger's permit.

"It's a very serious matter to have somebody roaming around that's not authorized to be carrying a weapon in a place where they shouldn't be because the danger threshold just goes up exponentially," Kerr said.

Those working at the gold course had no comment.

KDKA-TV also reached out to administrators at city hall and has not heard back yet.

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