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Furry Tails: Tossed Out Like Trash, Armenian Pup Finds New Hope In Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- It's been one heck of a long journey for Nika, but this sweet shepherd mix pup is now getting a second chance here in Pittsburgh after being thrown out like trash in a faraway country.

Nika is now part of Dolly's Dogs, which is a new group with Paws Across Pittsburgh that specializes in finding homes for dogs with handicaps and other special needs.

The 9-month-old pup is now in Pittsburgh after arriving in Washington DC on Sunday.

But Nika has had no easy journey.

Born in the country of Armenia, she was left for dead in a muddy trash pile on the side of a road, all because she was born with a birth defect that has left her unable to use her back legs.

(Source: Paws Across Pittsburgh/Dolly's Dogs/Facebook)

Thankfully, says Paws Across Pittsburgh, a Good Samaritan came to Nika's rescue.

On Facebook, Dolly's Dogs says: "She was discarded because of her birth defect and thrown away like trash. She was saved from sure death, and loved and cared for in Armenia by a caretaker."

Please meet Nika!! She comes to our rescue from Armenia. Nika is a 9 month old shepherd mix that is unable to use her...

Posted by Paws Across Pittsburgh on Sunday, February 23, 2020


When that caretaker fell on hard times, Paws Across Pittsburgh says a group of people came together in Armenia to raise money in hopes of getting Nika to the United States.

Her back leg issues made her high risk for euthanasia in Armenia and they wanted to make sure she got to a safe place.

Now, that Nika is here in Pittsburgh, she will visit an orthopedic doctor and also get a new wheelchair.

Nika doesn't let her condition get her down though. Paws Across Pittsburgh says she's adjusting well and loves to give slobbery kisses.

(Source: Paws Across Pittsburgh/Dolly's Dogs/Facebook)

On Facebook, they write: "This sweet girl has so much energy and runs around the room hopping on two legs. She will give you more kisses than you can count."

For more information on Paws Across Pittsburgh, visit their website here.

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