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Road Crews Will Go From Plowing Snow To Patching Potholes

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Goodbye Vortex, hello tire eaters, shock crushers, rim denters, teeth chippers, potholes!

"We're going to see more potholes popping up during this freeze-thaw cycle," says PennDOT's Assistant District 11 Executive Angelo Pampena.

Pittsburgh Public Works Director Mike Gable says, "With the weather the last two weeks a lot of freeze-thaw cycles they've popped up." Or out as the case may be.

With temperatures heading for the 50's by the end of the weekend, Pittsburgh is mounting a counter-attack.

"We're going to work on Sunday night with the night crews and take it through the three days of next week or until we have another winter event and tackle those potholes," says Gable.

Pampena says PennDOT's crews go from salting and plowing to pothole patching.

"When we see them we'll bring our crews out and we're working around the clock right now so we're always patching potholes."

To report your favorite crater to the City of Pittsburgh, dial 3-1-1. For PennDOT, you can call 1-800-FIX-ROAD, or online.

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