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'An Inspiration': 89-Year-Old Fayette County Man Survives Coronavirus Despite Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, And Needing Ventilator

FAYETTE COUNTY (KDKA) -- An 89-year-old man in Fayette County is hoping to be reunited with his family soon after surviving the coronavirus.

Jim Toth's daughter told KDKA she isn't sure how her father, who has pre-existing health conditions, got the virus.

"He's amazing. He's a superstar despite having diabetes, high blood pressure," Majka said. "Overall, he was in good shape for an 89-year-old."

(Photo Credit: Cathy Majka)

Cathy Majka says her dad did shop at several grocery stores last month.

His first symptom was a cold, then a sever fever.

Toth, a former machinist in the army, landed in the hospital after his fever reached more than 102 degrees.

He tested positive for coronavirus and then was put on a ventilator.

His family prepared to say goodbye.

"Monday the 30th, we really weren't sure what was going to happen. His kidney function was declining, his liver function was declining," Majka said.

The hardest part for the family was not being able to be with Toth.

"Not being able to say goodbye. My mother not being able to say goodbye to him, that was one of the hardest things becoming a reality," Majka said.

But the day doctors took Toth off the ventilator, Majka got to see her father.

"We held hands, I told him how much I loved him," she said. "And how proud we were for fighting."

Then Majka said things started looking up for the father of four.

"It had been two weeks since the symptoms started and he was able to get through the worst of it. And unfortunately, a lot of people aren't able to get to that point," Majka said.

The first thing Toth said to his daughter?

"He told me he loved me. He told me to pick up the mail and to go check on the house. He had his priorities straight," Majka said.

Majka said all the nurses and doctors treated her father great.

Toth has to get two negative test results in a 24-hour period for a skilled nursing facility to accept him.

The family hopes he will eventually be able to return home.

"The doctors have called him an inspiration, a miracle and their success story," Majka said.

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