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Fayette County Family Wants Charges After They Allege Neighbor Killed Dog

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WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – A Fayette County family wants answers after someone allegedly killed their 3-year-old German Shepard, Otto.

KDKA cameras rolled as detectives traced a trail of blood and dug up buried evidence.

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A Fayette County family is mourning the loss of a beloved pet named "Otto" after discovering his body in a field just beyond the back yard.

The family said the 3-year-old German Shepherd ran after a deer Monday night and never came back when called. The family discovered his lifeless body early Tuesday morning.

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"I'm fearful for my two kids and my fiancé," said Paul Zuro, Otto's owner. "If you can do this to an innocent animal, you may be capable of doing this to a human."

Zuro said he believes he knows who killed his dog and left him for dead -- his neighbor on ZMZ Lane off Hamer Road in Navaho Hollow.

"He was left to bleed out trying to get home. He died trying to get home," said Zuro.

He said he believes someone either shot him at close range or beat him to death.

Zuro said police officers traced a trail of blood from Otto's body to his neighbor's property.

On Wednesday, patrol cars from several police departments filled his neighbor's driveway and conducted an investigation both inside the home and in the backyard.

"Apparently a search warrant," said Zuro. "There was enough evidence for a search warrant to be issued and from my understanding they are retrieving items."

KDKA watched as officers looked at rocks around the in-ground pool and also dug up evidence from the yard and put it in evidence bags.

Zuro said he's had disputes in the past with his neighbor, but he doesn't understand how this could happen. He said his family is devastated, but he's glad officers are taking the investigation seriously.

"The dog was totally innocent," Zuro said. "It had nothing to do with any issues that me and Mike had."

The neighbor under investigation kicked KDKA off his property he was approached to get his side of the story.

Detectives confirmed an investigation is underway but did not comment on any pending charges.

That the investigation at the neighbor's home happened along "

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