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Fayette Co. Man Accused Of Sexting 12-Year-Old Girl

SOUTH CONNELLSVILLE (KDKA) -- A Fayette County man is facing charges after he was caught sexting a 12-year-old girl.

Wayne Hillyard, 23, told police he knew the girl he was sexting was only 12, but didn't let that stop him.

He sent her numerous messages asking questions, including one where he offered to send a photo of himself and asked the victim to send one in return.

"The content of the messages are alleged to have been that the adult male was sending the 12-year-old text messages that included sexual content and was requesting messages returned with sexual content," State Police Cpl. Scott Krofcheck said.

Only photos of their faces were exchanged and no physical contact was made. When police searched Hillyard's phone, they were able to recover the messages he had deleted.

Hillyard told police he didn't know why he had sent them.

No one was at Hillyard's home in South Connellsville Friday, but a man who identified himself as a friend offered this explanation for Hillyard's actions.

"He said …. apparently women don't turn him on, like adult women," William Wood said.

Still, Wood says his friend isn't a bad guy.

"He's the type of person that if he only has $5 left and you need it, he'll give it to you."

Hillyard is now charged with sexual exploitation of children among other offenses. Police say this is an example of the serious consequences that can come from misusing modern technology.

"They're felony charges, so the charges carry a heavy penalty with them," Krofcheck.

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