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At Least Six Families Displaced After Scaffolding Falls Onto Their Homes In Etna

By: Erika Stanish

ETNA (KDKA) - More than a dozen people are displaced tonight after scaffolding at a construction project in Etna collapsed.

Police say the wind is to blame, with the plastic on the scaffolding creating a sail effect and tearing everything down.

Luckily no injuries have been reported but up to at least six families have been displaced.

"The wind has been so bad, it's been swaying back and forth, you heard it creak, I said, something is going to happen," said Leyona, one of the residents.

Scaffolding was scattered across Bridge Street and the scaffolding brought down three telephone poles, knocking out power in the process.

"You hear the cops knocking at the door, telling us we had to get out as soon as possible," Leyona said.

Residents were thankful they were able to get out in time.

"Stuff is temporary, our lives are permanent, but it's the fact we're all probably going to have to start over," she said.

Another resident said her apartment is right where the scaffolding landed and fears how bad the damage is inside.

"My whole life is in that building," Bess said. "The last eight years of my life are in that building."

"We won't be able to go in until they can clean everything up and see what all of our stuff is ruined, all of my Christmas gifts are in there," Leyona added.

Authorities say at least six families are now displaced until crews can evaluate and clean up the area.

Meanwhile, Etna Police say construction was underway at the building as part of the 51st Street Bridge Project, a plan to turn it into a tech flex space once it's finished.

For now, it's unclear how bad the damage is on the buildings affected.

Police have said crews will evaluate and begin cleanup tomorrow.

Power will remain out on Bridge Street for the rest of the night and the Red Cross is assisting those who are displaced.

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