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Here's Everything Amazing From Last Night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Monday was a night of firsts at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Gigi and Bella Hadid became the first pair of sisters to walk the runway together. Lady Gaga made her debut as a musical guest on the program, joining returning performers Bruno Mars and the Weeknd. And, for the first time ever, Paris was the location of the glamorous, star-studded affair. Somehow, the city of love had never previously hosted the sexiest fashion show on earth, but this year's event was well worth the wait.

The fashion show took place in Paris's Grand Palais, a beautiful, ornate building with a history dating back to the late 1800s. Its grandeur and opulence was matched only by the angels strutting down the runway. This year, Victoria's Secret divided the show into six thematic sections: the Road Ahead, Mountain Romance, PINK Nation, Secret Angel, Dark Angel and Bright Night Angel, each with its own eye-popping moments.

The Road Ahead

Swedish bombshell Elsa Hosk opened the show with one of the more breathtaking ensembles of the evening, taking the stage with a full, three dimensional Chinese New Year Dragon wrapped around her whole body.

The rest of the Road Ahead did not disappoint, showcasing a multitude of bright, diverse pieces. On full display during this section were lush, eye-catching colors and textures drawing inspiration from all cultures and traditions across the globe. The beginning of the show was a flurry of deep reds, rich purples, yellows and blues.

Mountain Romance

The next section of the show opened with Lady Gaga, alone, on an empty, smoke-filled stage. She was stunning in her own right, draped in a gorgeous, full-length sheer gown, black with red and green roses accenting her entire figure.

The Angels walking down the runway during the Mountain Romance part of the show sported looks incorporating flowers and trees. The colors were a little more muted than those found in the first section, because they were meant to invoke nature. Lederhosen was a clear inspiration here. Many angels wore beautiful, detailed stockings with intricately embroidered flower patterns.

Throughout this portion, Lady Gaga was in full command of the stage, sometimes accompanying models, strut for strut, as they walked passed her on the runway.

PINK Nation

The next section of the show was inspired by Victoria's Secret beloved, casual PINK line. PINK Nation invokes the best elements of the PINK line -- casual and street, but so much cuter than just any old pair of sweats. This section is all about elevated gym wear, and Bruno Mars was the perfect complement. He performed his bouncy, light-hearted hit, "Chunky," as angels took to the runway clad in sports bras, sheer pants, thigh-high pink socks, fuzzy fur coats, knit hats, hoop earrings, and other fun pieces.

Secret Angel

Next, the Weeknd performed Starboy, to accompany the Secret Angel portion of the program. As its name would suggest, the inspiration for this portion of the show came from the world of secret agents and spies. The angels here evoked a quiet confidence. They were seductive, but in control. Think James Bond in a statuesque model's body.

Before his segment, the Weeknd claimed he was nervous to "sing in front of so many pretty girls," but you couldn't tell by his performance. He was totally at ease, and particularly turned on the charm when his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Bella Hadid, bounced down the runway in a gorgeous lace corset and flowing silk gown.

Dark Angel

In the second to last section of the show, Dark Angel, the Angels took the stage in much moodier pieces. This section was gothic, monochromatic and minimalist. The pieces in this portion were almost all black and the angels felt like supernatural seductresses. Lady Gaga matched this tone perfectly, starting her performance in an angular, full-body, sequin-black pantsuit and ending it in a white leather jacket, marching up the runway in her own pair of white wings.

Bright Night Angel

The Bright Night Angel section of the show was a party! Bruno Mars provided the soundtrack with 24k Magic. The stage was adorned with disco balls and huge LED displays of fireworks and confetti. So many looks incorporated precious gems and diamonds in this section, it felt like the Angels were covered head to toe in jewelry more than lingerie. In fact, this section included the famed, $3 million Fantasy Bra. Jasmine Tookes had the honor of modeling the stunning, 450-carat piece of lingerie, and she didn't disappoint, looking gorgeous, wrapped in thousands of white diamonds and emeralds. It was a fitting end to an incredible show!

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