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Driver Smashes Into Beaver Co. Trailer, Leaves

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A 77-year-old Beaver County widow is back in her trailer home Monday night for the first time since early Saturday morning.

Sunday's when a hit-and-run vehicle smashed into the front of the trailer, on Shorty Lane, in New Sewickley Township.

Janice Brown, who's been staying with her daughter the past couple of nights, told KDKA'S Ralph Iannotti that she was asleep in her trailer early Saturday morning when she heard a big crash; she thought it was a tree coming down on her trailer.

Brown she nearly fell out of bed because it was so loud.

She soon discovered it was a vehicle that hit her trailer, partially knocking it off its foundation.

The vehicle had careened off Big Knob Road, traveled up a slight include, went air born, then slammed into the trailer.

"I went to the other side of the trailer, and looked out the kitchen and side windows, and [the driver] was gone, that fast," Brown said.

Brown's daughter, Lucy Hartung, said her mother no longer has insurance on the trailer, because it got too expensive.

According to Hartung, New Sewickley Police told her that believed the truck was at least partly blue, because of bits of blue paint found on the siding of her mother's trailer.

"The trailer may not be much, but it's [my mother's]home," Hartung said. "For somebody not to stop to see if she got hurt, it just makes my stomach turn, thinking about it."


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