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'If My Husband Joe Were President, We Would Have A Strategic Plan': Dr. Jill Biden Virtually Visits Pittsburgh Teachers, Criticizes Trump Administration's Reopening Schools Plan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Dr. Jill Biden made a virtual visit to Pittsburgh on Tuesday afternoon.

She wasn't actually in the city but participated in a video conference with local teachers to discuss reopening schools.

An English and writing teacher for some 36 years, Dr. Biden knows something about the classroom, and she claims her husband's plan would reopen schools safely.

"If my husband Joe were president, we would have a strategic plan. He would have given emergency funding to the schools. We would have a Secretary of Education who would give us direction and help us guide us back into the classroom. He would keep our students and our teachers safe," said Biden.

In a virtual meeting co-hosted by Senator Bob Casey, Biden heard from three area teachers and the head of the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers.

"Everyone wants schools to reopen for in-person instruction, and that means creating the conditions that make it happen," said Nina Esposito-Visgitis, president of the PFT Local 400.

"No parent wants to send their child to school unless they feel secure that it will be safe for them and safe for their families," added Rob Mitchell, a local Spanish teacher.

One teacher told Biden that opening schools without a good plan shows a lack of respect.

"Even attempting to implement the very important CDC protocols would create an environment that at this point I have to feel is less conducive to learning than remote learning would be," said Laura O'Rourke, a local social studies teacher.

Biden said that she, too, has heard disrespect from some for teachers, but promises it will be different with an educator as First Lady.

"They do need more respect. They see how hard we work, and in a Biden administration we are going to celebrate our teachers," Biden said.

Now in a statement on Biden's virtual visit to Pittsburgh, the Trump campaign spokesperson, Melissa Reed, told KDKA the following:

"Safely reopening schools is critical to reopening our economy and President Trump is the only one who has been working around the clock to make sure students are back in school as parents head back to work. Meanwhile, Joe Biden wants to keep our schools and economy closed simply to hurt President Trump's re-election."

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